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Abhimanyu Needs School Sponsor

by Mangala Malati dasi

Posted December 29, 2010

My husband Dhanya Gouranga das and I are parents of Abhimanyu das, age 13 years, living in Sri Dham Mayapur, West Bengal, India.

We request all of you to please sponsor his education fees. He joined Sri Mayapur International School in the year 2002; from beginning (Nursery) through grade 8 his school fees are 52,000 rupees a year, with books and lunch included. His sponsorship, however, finished in December 2010. I need a sponsorship for four more years, so he can finish his high school with your blessings.

We have been serving in Sri Dham Mayapur for the last 15 years. We have a small business (Xerox machine & color photo studio). We like this school very much; it is connected to the Cambridge board and offers good education, like Shastra, English and music, all with qualified western teachers.

I studied in this same school when I was small, and now our daughter, Krishna Priya, is also going to this school; she has a sponsor for a year. We want our son, Abhimanyu, to continue and finish his high school. We will be so much grateful to you all for your kind help to us.

We hope you accept our request and give us reply as soon as possible. Our phone number is 091 9046247898 / 091 9002221412; our e-mail is gopalji75 -at- The school website is We hope to hear from you.

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