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Sponsor Needed for School Fees

by Dhanya Gouranga das

Posted August 29, 2010

My wife Mangala Malati prabhu and I, living in Sridham Mayapur, would like to request one or more devotees to help sponsor our six-year-old daughter Krishna Priya’s school fees. She is in grade 1, and school fees are 36,000 rupees a year.

We like this school very much. Associated with Cambridge University, the school has good teachers offering a good English-medium education, including instruction in shastra, music and dance, as well as training in good behavior. The school fees are high because of the Cambridge books and international teaching, and we can not afford them.

We had been doing full-time service for 12 years in the temple. Right now we do a little temple service but live outside. We have a small Xerox business and a photo studio from which we earn about 5,000 rupees in a month, but with this amount we can hardly maintain our family.

In our bad situation we don’t have enough, and it is very hard for us to manage. It’s not possible for us to pay 36,000 rupees per year for Krishna Priya's school fees. We have, however, received a donation that will enable us to pay her fees for three months.

Please, we request to you all, help us find a sponsor for Krishna Priya. We will be so grateful to you all for this kind help. For more details, you may contact us, tel. 904-624-7898 or e-mail: gopalji75 - at -