Chakra Announcements

Urgent: Please Save Bhima the Ox!

by Cidanandas, Mauritius

Posted August 19, 2009

Bhima is a trained and gentle ox,who has,in past years participated in national Ratha Yatra in Mauritius. His usual job is to carry, during harvest time, loads of sugar cane for his owner, Mr. R...,but he rents Bhima for the festival for Rs.3000, and people are marveled at his look and conduct: he obeys all commands!

However, after a lifetime of service to his master, we found out two days ago, that he sold the ox to a cattle farmer and his near future is horrific slaughter for a Muslim festival. [within 10 days?]

We are begging anyone to help us finance his purchase-[Rs.50,000] so as to use him for harinam and Ratha Yatras for future, and end up his life honorably and peacefully.

Our gosala is in debt, so we cannot afford the purchase now, although some local people have given donations.

Please contact me urgently for any donations, which will be published at our website


Thank you beforehand,