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Sanskrit Bhajans Memorization Made Easy - Word By Word Translation

by Acyuta Krishna das

Posted October 15, 2009

The Center for Bhakti Studies announces a course, "Sanskrit Bhajans Memorization Made Easy." Accompanied by sung MP3 files, the word-by-word translation of each of several bhajans is provided. Starting on December 1, the free course includes approximately 10 hours of instruction.

The site features analyses of several much-loved Vaishnava bhajans. Here is an example of a verse from Gauranga Balite Ha'be, by Srila Narottama das Thakur:

ara kabe nitai-cadera karuna haibe
samsara-vasana mora kabe tuccha ha'be

"ara = and; kabe = when; nitai = Nityananda prabhu; cadera = moonlike; karuna = mercy; haibe = will bestow; samsara = material world; vasana = desires; mora = mine; kabe = when; tuccha = small, insignificant; ha'be = will become."

"And when will the moon of Nityananda Prabhu bestow His mercy on me? When will my material desires become small and insignificant?"

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