Chakra Announcements

ISKCON Prison Ministry Website Launch

by Bhakti Latha Dasi

Posted March 27, 2010

Our official IPM website has finally been launched!

Please visit us at:

On this site you will see inmate art, inmate letters, our monthly newsletter, chaplains' appreciation and more!

We will continue uploading more nectar for your pleasure, so make sure you bookmark the site and check it regularly for updates.

I want to thank Pancaratna prabhu for having done most of the work to make this project possible and for having been very patient with me, guiding me step by step into the mysterious world of web technology!

I also want to thank Rasaraja Dasa for graciously letting us have the web address for this site and appropriating other addresses to be directed to it.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Lord Caitanya!

All glories to the merciful sankirtan movement!

ISKCON Prison Ministry
PO Box 2676
Alachua, FL 32616-2676