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24 Hour Sri Harinam in Honor of Aindra Prabhu

by Sarvajaya Gauranga Das

Posted September 6, 2010

On behalf of the 24 HOUR Harinam Festival in DC Committee

As the 12 Hour Akhanda Harinam was one of the major most successes in the ISKCON DC Metro yatra on the New Year's Eve (2009), the stronger and never extinguished desire to have a 24 Hour Harinam here at the Potomac ISKCON Temple got intensified by the senior Srila Prabhupada desciples, senior devotees of the area, 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation ISKCON devotees and Gurukulis, our very dear and precious Congregational members, visitors and Friends of Lord Krsna.

The glorious and untimely departure of one of the very best Kirtan leaders in the world, our beloved Sripada Aindra prabhu, made this need of having more and more Harinam chanting as an emergency call for all of us around the world, to take up the process of Krsna consciousness even more seriously as we practice it in our daily lives by constantly glorifying the Lord through His Holi Names collectively if not possible by individual efforts. The timeless tradition of akhanda Harinam chanting was given another flavour as H. G. Aindra prabhu took up the responsibility of continuing this chanting of Hare Krsna Mahamantra as his service of the life time till the last breath, in order to make this life a success in Krsna consciousness to go back home to Goloka Vrndabana Dham!

Being inspired thus, the devotees are very inclined to have a 24 HOUR Harinam on the 11th of September, 2010 (Dusk of the 11th through the dusk on the 12th, rounding up with the world famous ISKCON Sunday Maha aratik and Love feast Dinner reception). Again, This 24 HOUR Harinam is going to be dedicated as a homage to the departed soul, who is now eternally serving the Lord in His abode by chanting the Holi Name so nicely as he did when was physically around inspiring millions of devotees of the Lord in this world ! Sri Harinamanandi Sripada Aindra prabhu ki jaya!

On this auspicious occasion, may we beg your priceless association to participate in to by doing the best you do as your service endeavour in Krsna consciousness ! We are very close to the Festival date with last minute endless things to cover up. Hence, your so very kind response to inform us about your probable participation at your earliest convenience will be highly appreciated and obliged!

We can be reached at - & visit our website at or call us @ Temple – 301 299 2100, Sarvajaya Gauranga das - 240 543 4680 / Lakshmana Dasi - 301 219 2557 / Madhusudana Das - 978 3170630 / Chaitanya Nitai Das 240 476 6540.