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Harinam Sankirtan Ki Jaya

by Syam Priya dd

Posted November 11, 2010

Are you skilled in playing Mrdunga or Kartels?

Do you love chanting maha mantra and bhajans for hours?

Do you love Harinam?

Do you love to be in association of devotees and preach the glories of Lord Chaitanya in colleges?

We have places in the ashram for such devotees (both male and female) in the dynamic and happening temple of New Dwarka in Los Angeles where the weather is always good and there is unlimited scope for preaching. Full morning programme absolutely required.

Join the college and harinam programme and find bliss.

At present we are doing harinam three times and college programme twice a week but we desire to increase.

I am looking for devotees with same desire to make up a dynamic team. Obviously when there are not sufficient programmes to fill the seva hours then the temple will engage team members.

Contact Syam at for an interview.

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