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Japa Retreat in Italy

by Hari Kirtana Das

Posted May 21, 2010

I am happy to inform you about the upcoming Japa Retreat being held in Villa Vrindavana, this coming July. I am also excited because this will be the first Japa Retreat in Italy.

The Japa Retreat is a four day total immersion in your relationship with the holy name. It is a powerful way to make major improvements to your chanting and increase your taste for the holy name. The Japa Retreat is designed to take your chanting to a whole new level and thus strengthen and inspire your Krishna consciousness in new and profound ways.

Why a Japa Retreat?

The Japa Retreat was developed by His Holiness Sacinandana Swami to help devotees go deeper into their chanting--and thus deeper into their relationship with Krishna. Seeing how easy it is to take our chanting for granted, Maharaja saw the need to create an ideal environment for devotees to get the most out of their chanting, to overcome bad habits, and to begin to deeply relish the holy names in ways that would have a transforming effect on them.

The Japa Retreat is that ideal environment. The retreat is held at a retreat center where participants spend five days and four nights absorbed in the holy name, living far away from the distractions of daily life. It is rejuvenating, enlivening, and transforming. It is the ideal environment for the Holy Name to reveal Himself to you in a special and memorable way.

What Can You Expect?

Participants commonly report that they:

When and Where is the Retreat?

July 4-8, 2010
Villa Vrindavana, Florence - Italy (it begins July 4th at 3:30 p.m. and ends July 8th after group lunch)

Facilitate by

Yajna Purusha das & Purusha-sukta das (from Bhagavat Life, facilitators for Japa Retreats in US)

What are the Costs and What is Included?

Early Registration by May 23, 2010: 175 Euros per person

Standard Registration from May 24 to May 31, 2010: 190 Euros per person

Late Registration from June 1 to June 25, 2010: 203 Euros per person

Includes accomodation for 4 nights, 4 lunch meals of healthy and delicious prasada in Govinda's restaurant, temple breakfast and evening milk, facilitation, etc.

It doesn't include June 4 lunch meal (just prior the begining of the retreat), and Govinda's will be open in the evening, in case you prefer to take a complete meal or pizza instead of simple temple milk and cookies.

Contact Us

For more information or if you have any questions about registration: Sri Lalita dasi
phone: ++39 035 904864
mobile: ++39 333 99 52 636

Let me end with one inspirational quote from Srila Prabhupada: "When one realizes that the holy name of the Lord is identical with the Supreme Person, he becomes completely eligible to chant the holy name of the Lord. Such an ecstatic chanter (and dancer) must be considered to have a direct relationship with the Lord." (Cc Adi 7.73, purp)

I sincerely hope that you can join us for the Japa Retreat in February. Please come!

Your servant,

Sri Lalita Dasi
(Movimento ISKCON newsletter - organizers - in collaboration with Bhagavat Life and Villa Vrindavana administration)
(original test taken from a letter written by Divyambara Dasi - Bhagavat Life - in occasion of a Japa Retreat in California)


I can honestly say that the Japa Retreat was one of the most profound experiences of my life. The benefits from the experience have continued until today, and I expect them to continue forever. Giriraja Swami

The Japa Retreat was and continues to be one of the most meaningful and impacting events of my life. Never before had I experienced an actual taste for the chanting and a realization of fact that chanting is a way to have direct association with Lord Krishna through His sound. Chanting used to be a task to be completed every day but now I actually look forward to spending time with Krishna each morning. Rasa Acharya Das (Gurukuli)

I have been chanting the maha-mantra for over thirty years, but this retreat has finally shown me how to chant. I have a new found appreciation for the Holy Name and His devotees. This appreciation hashad a profound effect on my spiritual life. It encouraged me so much. I feel that I now have many more true friends that can come to me in time of need and vice versa. This is true Vaishnava culture: dasa, dasa, dasa, anudasa. Every devotee should take this Japa Retreat, you will be eternally grateful. Krishnadas Kaviraja Das

I feel that attending the Japa Retreat was probably the kindest thing that I have ever done for myself. As the years have gone by, I have added so many different types of activities to my life other than the simple service to Krishna I engaged in as a new devotee. I now feel that there is hope for me again and that I can once more start to experience the taste I used to have for chanting the Holy Name. It was money well spent and an excellent way to spend quality time with my husband. Gopalasya Priya Dasi

My only regret is that it has taken me this long to work up the courage to attend this retreat. I came to get a taste for chanting the holy name...and I have found the company and companionship of likeminded searchers, who, collectively have blessed me with a taste to keep on aspiring to hanker for the nectar of offenseless, unconditional absorption in the holy names. Manu das (Gurukuli)

I felt the same happy feelings I did when I was new to Krsna consciousness and many devotees were training me. It was a better experience than a pilgrimage to India in terms of getting what I need to be a better devotee. Karuna Dharini Dasi

Everything about the Japa Retreat was transcendental and sublime: The intent, the advance organization, the facility, the subject matter, the attendees, the presenters, and the outcome. Every soul even remotely interested in advancing in Krishna consciousness should attend at least one of these Japa Retreats. And they in turn should share its glories with every life they touch. In this way, let us all inundate the planet with japa and make our lives sublime. Yamuna Devi (ACBSP)

The Japa Retreat is a unique and necessary presence in ISKCON. The many festivals we attend are wonderful-always very busy and often overwhelming. For some devotees, they can distract one from facing themselves and their own internal life. The Japa Retreat is a contemplative time for self-evaluation. This process of internal reflection is a powerful one and the Retreats I have attended are among the most profound experiences of my life. That is certainly the case in terms of making a doubt-free connection with the Lord. I truly believe that this work, if carried on, can revolutionize and revitalize our movement. Yadunath Das

The Japa Retreat was the most powerful and important event in my spiritual life since my initiation 27 years ago. My faith and determination have been supercharged. The knowledge and realizations that I received from the seminars, interactive sessions and the association of devotees who are all so seriously dedicated to improving the quality of their japa have left lasting impressions on me. And the tools I acquired have already begun to propel me deeper into the transcendental experience of attentive, heartfelt chanting. The Japa Retreat is a great example of ISKCON at its best.