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Bhagvat Katha Saptah in Phoenix

by Swarup ji

Posted May 21, 2010

Dr Prayag Narayan Misra: Phoenix, Arizona
May 9,2010

Ram Swarup Shastri (Krishna Swarup Das), initiated in 1992 in Mayapur, West Bengal and later second initiation in 1999 in Alachua, Florida - a disciple of Hrdayanand Goswami Maharaj- concluded a weeklong Srimad Bhagvad Katha in Hindi language in Phoenix, Arizona.

The purposes of conducting Bhagvat katha are to share love of Krishna, and remind the importance of accepting a bonafide teacher (guru) in disciplic succession and gloryfying the chanting of holy names.

In early childhood, Krishna Swaroop das developed the taste of Bhagvat Katha from his father Sri Teerth Swaroop Upadhyay in Nepal. He had early education in Assam, India and graduated from Lal Bahadur Shastri Sanskrit University in New Delhi in 1989 with a degree Shastri in Sanskrit literature. He taught in Gurukul in Mayapur, 1993-1998. Spent some time in Vrindavan, and follows Bhagvat Katha narrations from Sri Thakur Ji, also from Vrindavan.

He speaks six languages: Nepali, Hindi, Asami, Bengali, Sanskrit and English, and has conducted about ten times Bhagvat Kathas in Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago and first one in Phoenix in 2004.

Commented Satya Prakash Gupta, a retired Industrialist visitor from Prayag, Allahabad,India- ”the language is so simple and contents so interesting that it glued me to listen, listen and listen”.

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