Chakra Announcements

Return of Chota Kalachandji

by Pandava vijaya dasa

Posted May 7, 2010

We In Dallas -where Chota Kalachandji was originally from- feel They have returned home. We know it must be very hard for the Gita Nagari devotes to be separated from Chota Kalachandji, so you will be glad to know that They were welcomed to Dallas in a grand manner including an abhiseka and a big ecstatic festival. They must have been happy because They reciprocated by giving us an ecstatic kirtan, prasadam and bhajans. They were placed back on the altar at the feet of Sri Sri Radha Kalachandji. You are welcome to see pictures of the them on our so devotees need not be worried. Any devotees from Gita Nagari who miss them are welcome to come to Dallas and visit. The Dallas devotees appreciate the love and service that were given to Their lordships at Gita Nagari over the last 30 years.