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Gov't Stimulus Money Helps Govinda’s Feed Seniors

by Sandamini dasi

Posted June 7, 2010

We are celebrating a federal economic stimulus package that supports prasadam distribution. The Govinda's Restaurant in Tucson, Arizona is one of the newest recipients of federal funds from the Obama administration. Due to budget cuts at senior centers throughout Arizona, providing nutritious meals for seniors had become challenging.

As a result, The Pima Council on Aging arranged for seniors to eat meals at Govinda's, because they wanted a place for the seniors to go to get a healthy meal in an uplifting environment. Govinda’s was chosen because of its beautiful gardens, wildlife and spiritual atmosphere, as well as nutritious meals at a reasonable price.

Now many aging citizens come to Govinda’s to dine on the Lord's mercy, and Uncle Sam picks up the tab. That's what I call fulfilling the real duty of the government for its citizens.