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The Krishna Culture Festival Tour North America 2010

by Shantipur dasi

Posted April 28, 2010

We are now accepting applications for the 2010 Krishna Culture Festival Bus Tour, North America, from ISKCON youth ages 16 to 25!

Join us this summer, from June 23rd to August 23rd, on our 15,000 mile journey across the United States and Canada. Along the way we will celebrate dozens of festivals and Ratha-yatras, explore beautiful national parks, and fill our days with chanting, dancing, camping, swimming, rafting, and feasting with Krishna conscious youth from around the world.

Our mission is to train, engage, inspire and empower participants in Krishna consciousness to their fullest potential; we endeavor to make all people eternally happy, both those who attend the tour and those who attend the festivals.

Minimum contribution towards shared costs of the tour: $1933 whole tour | $967 half tour | $300 per week, custom

The Krishna Culture Festival Tour began in 1995, as the Harinama Sankirtana Bus Tour, enaging youth in sankirtana at temples, on city streets, and at Ratha-yatra festivals. Over the years, with the generous assistance of Madhuha Prabhu and Festival of India, we have been able to expand the tour to travel all over the USA and Canada during the summer, We hope you'll join us on tour one of these days, or attend one of our upcoming festivals.

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“It is safe to say that being on the tour was one of the most joy-filled times of my life. There was not a day that went by in which I did not feel a huge rush of love and happiness for everything Krsna was giving us, and there hasn't been a day since that I've felt the same electric excitement that I felt on the 2008 Krsna Culture Youth Tour.”- Prema, North Carolina

“I just want to say thank you. I had a wounderful time and I hope to do more service with all of the devotees again. Bus tour Ki Jay!” Murti Das, Miami, FL

“The fact that we experience such pleasure in serving the Lord and spreading his glories is PROOF to us that the process works. And that's what all of us (especially at this age) are looking for. You are giving us youth an opportunity to taste krsna's pleasure potency in its full glory- how indebted we are to you!”- Kishori, Los Angeles, CA

“Three years ago, I made the decision (nervously) to apply for the first tour. Three action packed and incredible tours later, I still look back on that decision as one of the best I have ever made, and I strongly believe that in countless decades to come, I will continue to feel the same way. I feel I can never repay the tour organisers for the impact they have had on my life - all I can do is to try and spread the word - go on the bus tour! You will never be the same again.” Jahnavi, Watford, England

“Krishna Consciousness is all about making choices between things favorable and unfavorable for spiritual progress. And I would definitely say, Summer Bus Tour was the best favorable choice I made during the year 2008.” Amit, Philadelphia, PA

“I first heard about the bus tour when it began in ’95, and since then I’ve been wishing I could go, but somehow it never worked out. Usually when something is built up for a long time it falls short of expectation, but this far exceeded my wildest hopes. I’ve never before had so much fun or such a boost to my spiritual life. Whenever I heard about youth leading ISKCON in the future, I had my doubts that we could do it, but after being on the bus tour I knew it could be a reality. I hope I can help you more next year on the bus tour, now that I have a good idea of how things go.” – Madhava, Dublin, Ireland

“I was very glad I was part of the core group that was able to start the tour. The bus tour has been a life changing event for myself and I never expected to have so much fun. In fact, this bus tour was my graduation gift to myself and I haven’t regretted one moment of it. As I look back on all the amazing times I’ve had, it nearly brings tears to my eyes knowing in 2 days it will all be over for me. What you do for the youth can’t be expressed in words. All I know is the feelings and memories I have gained from being on the tour, and they are some of the most profound in my entire life. This tour has been a link for myself and the rest of ISKCON communities. It has made my faith and enthusiasm for Krsna and His devotees increase on a level I never imagined. You have my sincerest thanks I can offer. Thanks again.” – Bhaktin Sarah, Houston, TX

“A simple thank you is not enough to express my gratitude for all you have done for me, and for all you have done for each Vaishnava youth who is lucky enough to come on the tour. It is obvious to me how much you love each one of us and want us to have great memories and experiences in Krishna consciousness.” – Krsna Chandra, Toronto, Canada