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Home for Sale

by Vishaka Corbett

Posted May 28, 2010

Fully furnished home for sale. Sits on a beautiful 5 acre lot with the best view in all of Prabhupada village with in a 5 minute walk to the temple. Community has devotees that farm organic produce. We are asking $155,000. The house is in perfect condition as well as the small barn. The furniture is brand new with new dinning table and chairs and also a brand new front loader washer. House is heated by wood stove and electric heaters. There is a gas water heater and water is 100% pure well water.We had to move away couple years ago for job reasons and we are still paying mortgage on it so would like to sell it as soon as possible.

For more pictures and info please email me at or call 808-295-3106 for Balarama Das.

Hare Krsna!