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Teacher Training With Laxmimani Dasi

by VTE

Posted May 17, 2010

This intensive Teacher Training course #2 is for devotees wishing to organize and facilitate VTE courses, or who aspire to teach at corresponding levels of competence. It is highly recommended for devotees pursuing services within outreach, management and training & education. We focus on classroom delivery skills, particularly those suited to interactive and experiential approaches. We also reflect on the values and qualities required of an effective Krishna conscious teacher. During this second VTE course, students will:

The TTC1 Certificate is a pre-requisite for this course (unless, and at the discretion of the VTE, the candidate has professional experience.) We strongly recommend candidates to get some experience of teaching in between these two courses. Students will receive a VTE Student Handbook, and successful candidates a VTE Certificate.

Price: 59 Euros

Teacher: Laxmimani Dasi

For more information please contact the College Secretary:

Tel: +32 (0)86 32-32-77 / E-mail: