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Vrindavan Apartment Sale

by Amol Wa

Posted June 27, 2010

We have a small, beautiful apartment to sell in a recently new building with all residential Devotees of Srila Prabhupada (the ground floor of the building has commercial shops). Its just 100 meters from Srila Prabhupada’s Samadhi at Sri Sri Krsna Balaram Temple, Behind the police station chowki at parikrama road crossing. We had bought it 4 years back, did all the renovation & wished to settle in Vrindavan in near future, but still we realised, we need to do bit financial reworking to settle down permanently in Sridham Vrindavan right away. We had bought the apartment due to its extreme close proximity to KB Temple and on inspiring parikrama road, so that we could serve Srila Prabhupada & Sri Sri Krsna Balaram in all weather, at any time time & even in old age retired life.

The Vrindavan civic facilities landscape is set to change dramatically, the Govt. is in process of massive redevelopment of all road, drains and other civic facilities in Sridham Vrindavan, they have earmarked a warchest of 800 crore rupees budget for this all round renovation.

The apartment details are as follows:

Address : 1st floor, Bhaktivedanta Complex, Behind Raman Reti Police Station, Parikrama Road, Vrindavan.

Building: Built in 2006, its gound+basement for commercial shops and 1st, 2nd floors Devotee Apartments (total 14 apartments), nicely built with large common corridors, clean, well maintained and secured by watchman & sealed compound gates. The whole building is marble floored, inside & outside apartments. 24 hour abundant salty ground water supply.

Apartment: The apartment has a balcony, which is monkey proofed, beautiful veiw of Ram Temple in next door compound. Furnished with altar/books/showcase cabinet, beds, wardrobe, toilet, bath, pantry. The apartment is aprox 350-400 sq.ft studio apartment, it has been divided by wooden partition to make two small bedrooms & a sitting/altar room. It has independent electricity board approved 2kw power connection, all the electrical wire work is concealed and new equipment like lighting, fans, water heater, air conditioner, refrigirator, microwave oven. Apartment used for few days per year.

Maintainance- minimum electricity charges are Rs. 350/- monthly & building maintainance is Rs. 400/- per month, no other tax or any other expenses other than this. Some devotees in bldg. hire bottled drinking water service or there is option of buying a water purifier appliance for personal use.

Ownership: We bought the apartment in 2006, since the building was under construction and unoccupied then, we got many renovation done in our apartment, the toilet/bath/pantry and other internal changes done as per out requirement. Documents are properly registered & available for veiwing.

Sell Price- 13 Lacs Ruppees (aprox 28,000 US$).

Contact- or call/sms +91 8979 186 296. More Photos at . The apartment is unoccupied & locked, anyone wishing see it can fix an appointment 1 day prior by email or mobile, we are in Vrindavan.