Chakra Announcements

Devotional Items Direct From Mayapur

by Sachikumar das

Posted June 18, 2010

I am very happy to announce that ISKCON Mayapur's sankirtan department is now offering a special service for international devotees. In the past, when devotees from around the world wanted to buy devotional paraphernalia and vaishnava literature in bulk quantities from Mayapur for their personal use, for preaching, for their local temple or for namahatta programs, such a service was not available, and devotees sometimes had to buy their requirements from non-ISKCON outsiders.

Please e-mail me for any devotional paraphernalia or vaishnava literature required in bulk quanity (wholesale) for your temple, namahatta, festival or any purpose. If you should visit Mayapur, you can also visit our new bulk-sale store in the Sankirtan Building.

Just e-mail to me the details of your requirements and the quantity of each item needed. We will dispatch the goods to you as required, and you can pay online to ISKCON Mayapur. Other payment options are available; please contact me to discuss. My cell phone number is 9434055853 and my e-mail is Sachikumar dot JPS at