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by Ram das, Germany

Posted July 29, 2010

Hit Harivamsa: Hit Chaurasi
The 84 hymns of Divine Love

Tattva Viveka-Edition, Bensheim 2010, 176 p., hardcover, ISBN 978-3-9804144-6-3, € 19,90

Translated and commented by Pratibha Goswami

Hit Harivamsa, a 16th century devotee, disciple of Gopal Bhatta Goswami, describes in a sweet poetic and divine voice the intimate pastimes of the Divine Couple. We become witnesses to a divine and spiritual relationship. According to Hit Harivamsa ›Bhaav‹, feeling and emotion, is the main ingredient for devotion to Sri Sri Radha-Krishna.

The Hit Chaurasi is one of the famous scriptures of the Bhakti-tradition, yet this edition is the first translation into a Western language by an authentic spiritual practitioner. The translation and the commentaries of Pratibha Goswami are soaked with the divine ecstatic love to Godhead.

She is a descendent of the famous Krishna-poet Jayadeva Goswami who wrote his Gita Govinda in the 13th century. Pratibha lived in the holy town of Vrindavan since her birth.

»These eyes are so greedy, even in a nano second of difference when blinking, Sri Shyam sundar feels that he has not seen Sri Radha for millions of years.« (vers 60, 4)