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Summer Retreat

by Premabhakti das

Posted August 19, 2010

Join an Electrifying Imperial Summer Retreat

at New Vrindaban!!

Summer spiritual retreat is the best vacation you could ever have!!!

Retreat includes:

-> Exciting discourses on God and living entities

-> Karma, Destiny, Reincarnation, Actions of Time, Origin of Life etc

-> Yoga for the modern age

-> Exciting visits to the Appalachian mountain ranges and discussion

-> Visiting beautiful rose gardens, lakes and discussion

-> Elegant peacocks, peahens and swans

-> Great devotional activities

-> Swan boat festival [special weekends]

-> Fireworks [special weekends]

-> It is a stress free program for now and forever

-> Experience happiness and ecstasy of spiritual life

-> Honor delicious meals and beverage prasadam

One Day Retreat                    Donation                $101.00

->  July - 24, 31                       [Saturdays]   

->  August 7, 28                       [Saturdays]

->  September 18, 25                       [Saturdays]

->  October 2, 30                       [Saturdays]

->  November 6, 13                       [Saturdays]

->  December 4, 11                       [Saturdays]

Three Days Retreat                Donation                $251.00

->  July 13,  14    &  15            [week days]

->  August  10, 11    &  12             [week days] 

->  September     7,  8      &   9             [week days]

->  October,      Columbus weekend    9,  10    &  11             [ weekend ]              

->  November, Thanksgiving retreat  25 , 26    &   27            [ weekend ]

->  December, Christmas Retreat    24, 25    &  26             [ weekend ]

The donation includes:

All retreat courses, Course materials, Palace tours and Rose Garden visit,

    Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast & accommodation

For more details call 304-843-1600 Ext 107,

Dedicated to the ISKCON Founder Acharya His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada

3 Days Retreat Schedule [June thru December]

·         The Goal of Yoga is to find the real self, dwelling within our hearts and realizing it.

·         The self realization includes Origin of life, finding  self and Super self, action of time, Karma, creation of universes, movements of the planets, hellish and heavenly existence, the causes of all causes, one’s true relationship with Krishna, God and living entities and Going back home back to the spiritual world.

·         This retreat would guarantee students a paramount understanding about the pure existence of the soul beyond this mundane material existence. 

·         This summer retreat takes you to a supremely blissful life resting beyond this gigantic cosmic material universe.

Schedule for the Retreat:


5:30 pm                   Orientation and a Discussion on ‘Goal of human life’

At present human society is being misled by leaders who are blind, for they do not know the aim and objective of human life, which is self-realization and the reestablishment of our lost relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The Krishna consciousness movement is trying to enlighten human society in this important matter.               

7:00 pm                   Evening Arthik    

7:35 pm                   Dinner

8:15 pm  Discussion on Karma, Destiny and Reincarnation

Human suffering is one of religion's most compelling mysteries: Why do the innocent suffer? Why does God permit evil? Is God helpless to act or does he choose not to? And if He chooses not to act, does that mean he is cruel? Or merely indifferent? the seminar takes the problem out of God's court and places it firmly in our own………        

9:30 pm                   Rest


Rise up                   4:30 am                                                                  

5.00 am  Mangalarthik [First Prayers]

5:45 am                   Discussion on Original Position of the Soul

The actual position of the jiva is marginal. The marginal plane, as the origin of the jivas between the material and spiritual worlds, has been stated in vedanta and by previous acaryas. There, in that marginal plane, the jivas are in a state of equilibrium but due to their innate nature they gradually become attracted to either the spiritual or material energy of the Supreme Person.

7:30 am                   Second prayers                                                   

8:00 am                   Discussion on Vegetarianism [At the organic garden]

Vegetarianism is a popular choice for many individuals and families. But parents may wonder if kids can safely follow a vegetarian diet and still get all necessary nutrients. Most dietary and medical experts agree that a vegetarian diet can actually be a very healthy way to eat. This discussion would guide us to eat Krishna prasadam and take you to……..

  9:15 am                 Breakfast                                                              

10:15 am                 Discussion on God and demigods [Island]

Many people are offended by the word 'demigod.' But surely, except Krishna and His expansions, no one can be Supreme. There cannot be 'two' supreme entities………..

12:00 am Discussion on Five kinds of liberation           

There are 5 kinds of liberation a soul can attain.- What are they? How is it achieved? Which is the liberation rejected by devotees of the Lord, one or all?         

 2:00 pm Lunch and rest

 4:00 pm Visit to Palace of Gold and Rose Gardens

5:00  pm Discussion on Krishna, the source of all incarnations

“I am the source of all spiritual and material worlds. Everything emanates from Me. The wise who know this perfectly engage in My devotional service and worship Me with all their hearts” Krishna says in Bhagavad-Gita 10-8

 7:00 pm Gaura arthik

 7:45 pm Dinner and Rest


Rise up                   4:30 am                                                                 

5:00  am Mangalarthi [First Prayers]

5:45  am Discussion on Opulence of the Absolute Truth, Krishna

For those unfamiliar with the concept, it may be difficult to grasp how a single person can contain or "be" all of reality [100%]: this world is full of relative truths from Lord Brahma to the lowest insignificant ant, and Krishna is a different kind of person than we're used to thinking about.      

6:30  am Visiting Goshala

7:30  am Sringar Dharshan or second prayers,              

8:00  am Discussion on Five kinds of mellows with God, Krishna

There are five kinds of relationships with Krishna: neutrality, Servitude, Friendship, Parental and Conjugal. Each mellow includes all the qualities of the preceding one, plus a distinguishing quality of its own.

 9:15  am                 Breakfast and rest                                               

10:30 am                 Discussion on Nine types of Devotional services

How do perform deity worship-how to perform arthi – how to bath the deities – How to wake up the deities and put Them to sleep-how to sing- How to dress Them- How to Feed the deities - how to read scriptures- how to memorize scriptural verses - how to honor Krishna prasadam.

12:15pm                  Discussion on Lord Caitanya, the Golden Incarnation               

524 years ago Lord Caitanya, the Golden incarnation of Lord Krishna with Lord Nityananda who is Balaram Himself appeared to inaugurate the chanting of the holy name of Krishna as the real yoga for the modern age………..

 2:00 pm Lunch

 4:00 pm                  Visiting Old Vrindavan, Bahulaban,

                                Discussion on Yoga for the modern age

Nowadays, we find yoga being taught in numerous courses and touted in mass-market books as a means to achieve health, lose weight, developmental powers over others, achieve success in making money, or increase sexual potency. But real yoga is something entirely different…….

`                       7:00 pm                   Evening Arthik                                                   

 7:45 pm                  Dinner

 8:30 pm Discussion on Perfection of Life and Conclusion

For more Information:


ISKCON New Vrindavan

BOX 319, RD 1

Moundsville – 26041

West Virginia

Phone: 304-843-1600 Ex-107


One Day Weekend Retreat schedule

[June thru December]


  3:00 pm                                 Orientation and a lecture on Goal of human life, Karma and Reincarnation

  4:30 pm                 Vegetarianism

  7:00 pm                                 Evening Arthik

  7:45 pm                 Dinner

  8:30 pm                                 God and Demigods

  9:30 pm                                 Rest

  5:00 am      Sunday             Managala Arthik

  5.45 am                                 Yoga for the modern age

  7:30 am                                 Sringar Arthik

  8:00 am                                 Lord Caitanya, The golden incarnation of Lord Krishna

  9:30 am                                 Breakfast

10:30 am                                 Krishna, the source of all incarnation

12:00 pm                                 Perfection of Life and conclusion

  2:00 pm                                 Lunch

For more Information


ISKCON New Vrindavan

BOX 319, RD 1

Moundsville – 26041

West Virginia

Phone: 304-843-1600 Ex - 107