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Ratha Yatra Cart Wheels for Sale

by Dharmaraj das

Posted August 7, 2010

For sale a new set of four ratha yatra cart wheels and brake system for sale. These are wooden Amish wagon wheels made to special order. These wheels are 66 inches in diameter and comes with matching hub brakes and stub axles with bearings. The weight capacity for these wheels are 800 pounds each or 3200 pounds total. I also installed a 6 inch wide removable steel with rubber band on each wheel to use on soft sand or on the beach.

After I ordered and installed these wheels on our new 5000 lbs cart, I got a call from the agent that the manufacturers miscalculated and build these for only 3200 lbs. So I had to replace these. I spent over $4000.00 for these wheels and parts. Please make me an offer and take them for a smaller cart. I'll try to post photos later. I'm trying to raise funds to purchase an enclosed trailer for our new collapsible cart.

Please email me at or call 352-538-0292.