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New Book: Japa Transformations

by H.H. Satsvarupa das Goswami (foreword by Krishna Ksetra das)

Posted August 1, 2010

Almost thirty years since the publication of his first book on japa, Japa Reform Notebook, SDG has produced yet another volume solely dedicated to the subject of the improving chanting of the holy names and is drawing from his experiences on the retreats in his bhajana-kutir in Delaware, when chanting extra number of rounds and rising early.

In his Foreword to the new book, Krishna Ksetra prabhu of the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies recalls the impact of the Japa Reform Notebook: “The book was seen as quite radical or even inappropriate. How could a senior devotee, revered as a renunciant and as an adept spiritual teacher, so openly communicate his own personal challenges in the practice of chanting Hare Krishna? Yet others were enlivened to see that a frank discussion of the challenges to pure chanting was being aired... As in the previous book, Goswami locates himself as both a student and a teacher, as one who continues to learn from his own guru and who aims to help others benefit from what he learns. In this book he asks readers to spend time with him as he questions the extent and depth of his own successes and the meaning of occasional apparent setbacks in practice as he takes one through a sustained personal meditation on the eight verses of the Siksastakam, Sri Caitanya’s verses that encapsulate his teachings.”

“From his First Transformations early on to his Reality ruminations later, it is SDG’s determination to surrender to the sweet sacrifice of chanting Hare Krishna, and living its deep meaning, that invokes the Names’ blessings on both writer and reader...” writes Suresvara prabhu (ACBSP) of Hawaii, who concludes about this new book: “Like a japa retreat that comes home with us, Japa Transformations is a valuable companion to help us surrender our life’s breath to praising Radha and Krsna’s divine names, and to enter Their eternal loving service at last.”

Matsya Avatara Prabhu of Centro Studi Bhaktivedanta, Italy, forwarded a copy of a review to be published later, with one section particularly appropriate: “The author describes a path that is not without moments of great challenge and discouragement, and this makes it clear that the spiritual path cannot be taken for granted, nor should a reader embarking upon such a path assume that he/she will automatically attain the final goal simply by being initiated upon a spiritual path.

“In other words, the epic journey to full experiential realization of our ontological identity is a goal not easily attained but irresistibly fascinating, and even if only partly achieved, the satisfaction that a person experiences as a result of sincere endeavors on a spiritual path is inexpressible.” In response to this, the author replies: “This accurately describes my experience with japa: the struggle, but the satisfaction in trying and achieving whatever I can.”

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Author’s Preface
Blessed Routine
First Transformations
Ready to Offer All Respect
The Taste
A Plea for Conection
Eager Hope Against Hope
In Separation
Appreciation in Love

Cited Bengali and Sanskrit Sources
Verses Index

To order your copy: This is $10.83 retail, 6" x 9" trim size, 290 pages, col. cover, ISBN-10: 0-9822-6004-3 (hbk), ISBN-10: 0-9822-6003-2 (pbk). Available at your bookstore through special orders, or you can order it from Amazon, Books-a-Million, Krishna Culture (in North America), or Bhaktivedanta Library Services (Europe).

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