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Kulimela Issues Second Bhajan Kutir CD

by Chaitanya Mangala das, Kuli Mela Association

Posted April 20, 2010

The KulimeLA 2009 Bhajan Kutir – Volume 2 CD is now available from the Kuli Mela Outlet at, featuring heartfelt kirtans with Kalindi dasi, Arjuna das, Abhay Clayton, Visvambhar Sheth, Gaura Vani and more.

You can hear previews of the tracks at the website and also check out the growing Kuli Mela video and audio selections.

In ancient Sanskrit, Kirtan is the sacred, joyful, and spontaneous congregational singing and dancing for the glorification of God. "Kuli" refers to a member of a community, whilst "Mela" means a festive gathering. Combined, "Kuli Mela" tranforms into a Celebration of Community. A "Bhajan Kutir" is a special place dedicated to Kirtans. These Kirtans were recorded live in the KulimeLA 2009 Bhajan Kutir at the New Dwarka Temple in Los Angeles, California.

The Kuli Mela Association is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to serving an international community by supporting and encouraging its members to come together as friends in service, association and empowerment. All proceeds from the sale of this album go to the Kuli Mela Association and help facilitate future gatherings and recordings. Please support us by purchasing this album.