Chakra Announcements

Ahimsa Shri-Khol

by Laksmipati Dasa

Posted April 15, 2010

The Ahimsa Shri-Khol project was started by a group of second-generation ISKCON devotees, as an attempt to raise awareness of the need for, and to some extent funds for the initiation of, cow protection projects.

We are offering an opportunity for devotees to avoid unnecessarily (and unconsciously) supporting the slaughter of cows.

We are dedicated to giving devotees all over the world high-quality mrdangas that do not support cow killing. Skin is collected solely from cows that have left their bodies due to natural death. Careful measures are taken to ensure that no leather comes from slaughtered cows. This skin is then processed naturally – without chemicals or salt. The leather is given to our craftsman, who chooses the best parts of the skin and makes mrdangas with high-quality sound production. Clay bodies are used for the mrdangas, being the medium that give the best resonance. The mrdangas are dyed with natural, earthy colours, and no plastic is used in their manufacture. Finally the mrdangas are fitted with cotton straps and (optionally) with brass rings, and wrapped with cloth. We also offer traditional straw stands for the mrdangas to rest on. Although it is commonplace in our temples, actually it’s better for mrdangas not to rest vertically on the floor, partly as it adversely affects the sound, but also because it’s not respectful to the mrdanga as a representative of Lord Balarama.

As no chemicals or salt are used to treat and preserve the leather, the skin is not affected to a very large extent by changes of temperature and humidity. Due to only taking the best parts of the skin for the drums, the quality of the sound, as well as the endurance of the straps and heads, is increased. This means less frequent, if any, replacement of heads.

The cost of large-sized mrdangas is Rs.2500, and for small-sized is Rs.2000. For more information and to order a mrdanga, you can contact us by email –