Welcome to Your Real, Happy Self
by Kaunteya Dasa
Posted November 25, 2002

I had the fortune to be part of the group that took the course "Vaisnava Counseling and Life Skills - Level Two: Self-Transformation," presented for the first time in ISKCON on 2-6 November 2002, in Radhadesh, Belgium.

I had already taken three times the first level course, (I am actually getting trained to present it myself) and I truly appreciate it. The tools for fruiftul interaction and personal exploration are extremely valuable and relevant to any progressive human being, what to speak to preaching Vaisnavas. Having said that, the second level course had a much deeper impact on me, an impact difficult to fathom or quantify.

The "Self-Transformation Course" was a whole new ball game. It was mind-blowing. Literally. It transported me in realms beyond the cognitive; it allowed me to dig deep inside and to bring up to the surface a lot of stuff; it helped me to remove a lot of blocks and masks I was carrying around for years (and perhaps lifetimes) that were like anchors weighing me down, like leeches sucking my energy.

I gained the clear insight and conviction that this course could represent a historic turning point in the life of the members of ISKCON and therefore a turning point for the movement as a whole. The effects of the course could be especially felt and rapidly amplified if the GBCs and other leaders take it.

It might sound far-fetched but I would consider that every candidate for responsible roles, such as the service of initiating spiritual master, to name a category, would gain a lot of value from this course: I would actually make it a prerequisite for responsible positions in our Society, as it would do a lot for personal balancing and realignment.

I offer my heartfelt thanks and admiration to Dhira Govinda and Malini Prabhus who developed and presented it.

This course can help devotees remove their camouflages; to release their pent-up negative emotions; to improve and deepen relations; to become more focused, centered and productive; to create a generation of more authentic and transparent servants, and to firmly establish the powerful, loving, friendly spiritual movement that ISKCON is meant to be.

Your servant, Kaunteya das

For information please contact malini.nrs@pamho.net