Leadership & Management Course I
Alakananda Dasi

Sunday 18 - Friday 23 May, 2003
Facilitators: Anuttama Dasa & Hanuman Dasa
Cost: 45 Euro + accommodation*

A hands-on, interactive six-day course designed for GBC members, temple
presidents, department heads and other devotees who supervise people or
projects. The course examines the essential principles of leadership and
management and enhances skills in both personal and professional capacities.

Delegation, time management, strategic planning, public speaking, project
vision, team development, writing job descriptions, assessment and
reporting, facilitation and meeting skills, and characteristics of expert
leaders are some of the areas explored in the course. All are welcome. No
prerequisite courses are required.

Anuttama dasa has been a member of ISKCON since 1975. He served as
sankirtan leader, and later president, of the Denver temple, before moving
to Washington, D.C. in 1993 to become ISKCON's North American director of
communications. In 1999, he became a member of the GBC and was appointed as
the International Minister of Communications. Anuttama is a founding board
member of Children of Krishna (CKI). He is the national vice president of
the Religion Communicators Council (RCC), and a board member of the
Washington, D.C. region of the National Conference for Community and Justice
(NCCJ). He and his wife, Rukmini, live in Rockville, Maryland, and are
members of the ISKCON congregation of Washington, D.C.

Here is review of the course, taught earlier this year in Mayapura.

I enrolled in this year's course with a certain degree of desperation. It
can often feel isolating and overwhelming in management, especially in
ISKCON, where we've often just stepped in to "do the needful."

So, when I saw the degree of time, expertise and intense endeavor that had
gone into the preparation and delivery of this course, my anxiety was fully
pacified. Here is a real gesture of concern and practical assistance from
the GBC for the benefit of every devotee--whether a leader or a follower.

If you want to understand your own potential as a leader, learn how to
plan successfully, develop the skills needed to build and maintain a
positive team spirit, or just get inspiration and individual feedback from
others in your field, this is the best investment of time I could honestly

The course has been developed to give a deep focus on assisting Srila
Prabhupada's mission through competent leaders. As many participants
commented, it's only fault is that we didn't have access to it years ago!

Manasi Ganga dasi
Gurukula Manager
Sri Dhama Mayapura

For bookings, please contact our secretary Alakananda Dasi at
college@pamho.net or telephone + 32 (086) 323280

* Please make separate arrangements with Radhadesh Guesthouse.