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Update On Bhojadeva Prabhu's Condition

by Sacirani dd

Posted September 6, 2006

I would like to update all the devotees regarding Bhojadeva Prabhu's condition.

Bhojadeva Prabhu, my husband and I have been in Bangkok, Thailand, for 13 days. My brother-in-law, Jivanuga was also with us for the first week but has now returned to California. Bhojadeva Prabhu underwent surgery on his left hand and arm a few days after our arrival.

Last Friday the cast on his left arm and hand was removed. The skin grafts that were performed have taken well. The doctor was pleased to see the results. Bhojadeva Prabhu's hand was quite swollen, but the swelling is going down slowly. It looks like there have been two shark bites, one on his arm and one on his hand. He can move his fingers but cannot make a fist. The doctor said that with rehabilitation and time he should regain 90 to 95% of the movement and strength in his hand.

Bhojadeva Prabhu also met with an ophthalmologist last week, who explained that his left eye was bruised but is improving quickly and should return to its previous vision power within 3 weeks. Regarding his right eye, there is a blood clot behind the retina that has damaged the retina. The blood clot will dissolve within the next 3 months by itself but the vision in his right eye will probably always be blurry in the middle. (right now he sees a brown spot because of the blood clot). The doctor said it is really an individual thing, and only time will tell us how much damage is done or how much clearer his vision will become. Of course by the mercy of Lord Sri Krishna and the vaishnavas anything is possible and we are hoping that the damage will be minimal.

Tomorrow (Sept. 6th) Bhojadeva Prabhu will undergo what we hope is the last surgery. The surgeons will be performing bone grafts to support the occipital lobes. (hopefully no need for metal plates) Bhojadeva Prabhu's right eye is also pulling to one side, giving him double vision. It may be caused by an injured eye muscle which will heal on it's own with time, but the muscle might also be pinched by one of the many fractures in Bhojadeva Prabhu's eye socket and cheek bones. During the surgery tomorrow the surgeon will also release the muscle if it is in fact pinched. The surgery is scheduled for 8 PM Bangkok time. Please pray for a successful surgery.

The surgeon expects that Bhojadeva Prabhu should be able to go home one week after the surgery.

Bhojadeva Prabhu, my husband (Jivan Mukta Prabhu) and I would like to express our deepest gratitude to all the devotees, for your prayers, words of support and financial help. We are profoundly touched by all the love and care we have experienced from our wonderful vaishnava family around the world. Bhojadeva Prabhu has expressed feeling overwhelmed by the kindness of the devotees and is convinced that it is the cause of his tremendous recovery. All the nurses attending to him are wondering why he is not feeling pain as there is another patient at the hospital with similar injuries who is suffering great pain.

Bhojadeva Prabhu is keeping in good spirits and is a source of inspiration, as he is accepting the situation as Krishna's blessing.

My husband and I are very happy to be here with him and have the opportunity to render some service to Srila Prabhupada's loving son.

If you have any question or want to send an email for Bhojadeva Prabhu, please write to the following email address:

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
All glories to the vaishnava devotees of the Lord!

Your servant,
Sacirani dd