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Jayapataka Swami Health Update

by Ratnavali devi dasi

Posted October 30, 2008

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Wednesday, October 29, 6.00 pm:

Guru Maharaja had to be put on sedatives yesterday evening because when he is conscious he asks the doctors to remove the tubes as it is uncomfortable for him. The doctor's plan was to start removing the ventilator today.

Today early in the morning Guru Maharaja came to awakeness from his sleeping state. He asked again for clicker to chant mentally and chanted few mantras on it after that he became tired and slept for a while. Since his condition was stable the doctors put the ventilation off without removing the tubes to check how Guru Maharaja was responding. For 2 hours Guru Maharaja was able to breathe by himself but later felt uncomfortable therefore the ventilator was turned on again. Since then Guru Maharaja is exhausted and is taking rest.

Guru Maharaja's sugar level is normal. His platelet count is 82,000 today. Although his BP is fluctuating still nothing alarming.

The doctors will continue this process until he is able to breathe normally without the help of ventilator. Let us keep intensely praying and chanting. May Lord Krishna and Lord Narasimhadeva empower the doctors and nurses in this process as well as to give strength to Guru Maharaja to crossover these difficult moments.

Your humble servant,
Ratnavali dd