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Our Prayers for the Peace of the Immortal Soul Dr T. D. Singh

by Prof P.B.Sharma, Principal, Delhi College of Engineering Founder Vice Chancellor, Rajiv Gandhi Technical University, Bhopal

Posted October 20, 2006

It was a matter of high privilege and honor to our students and faculty of Delhi College of Engineering to be blessed by His Holiness Bhakti Swarup Sri Damodar Acharya ji Maharaj ( Dr T.D.Singh Ji ) whose immense wisdom and divine blessings has been always showered upon us at DCE on a number of occasions during the visit of His Holiness to our Institution.

Swami Ji embodied a perfect synthesis of Science and Spirituality- so vital to create a humane, just and peace loving society in which the people work with and work for the divine, manifest the divinity within during their work life and return to Godhead after living a life full of divine bliss in service of the Lord. Swami Ji personified the divinity within and has always worked for the welfare of the human society. Swamiji was especially very dear to our hearts, souls and minds because of his highly affectionate, loving care and concern towards all of us. Though the noble soul such as the Swamiji leave behind a treasure of wisdom for the benefit of the mankind, we shall always miss the Swamiji as it is almost impossible to fill up the void created by the untimely departure of this great sage and seer of the modern scientific age.

In beloved memory of the divine bliss of our most revered Swami Ji, we pray to the Lord for the peace of the immortal soul, Dr T.D. Singh!

Prof PB Sharma
Founder Vice Chancellor
Rajiv Gandhi technical University, Bhopal(MP), India & Principal, Delhi College of Engineering