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Update On Syamasundar And Gopinath Prabhus

by Parijata devi dasi (wife of Gopinath Prabhu)

Posted October 13, 2007

Dear Devotees,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Many devotees have been inquiring about the health of Shymasundar prabhu (ACBSP) and Gopinath prabhu after their successful liver transplant surgery and thus I am forwarding this update.

A couple of days after the surgery Shymasundar prabhu developed some bile leak from one of the tubes that connect the transplanted liver to his body. This is not an unusual occurrence in liver transplants. The surgeons performed a laparoscopy on Shymasundar prabhu on 9 Oct '08 and fixed the problem. He was in discomfort earlier due to the bile leak but is in good spirits now. He should hopefully be discharged from the hospital in a couple of days.

Gopinath prabhu had some abdominal difficulties while he was at the hospital but that was taken care of by the doctors. He was discharged from the hospital on 9 Oct '08 and is presently recuperating.

Before he was discharged Gopinath prabhu forwarded a copy of 'Here Comes the Sun' (a book on George Harrison by Yogeshvar prabhu) to the Liver Transplant Coordinator of University of Chicago Medical Center. She has began to read it and mentioned she liked the book. This is the same lady who had asked Shymasundar prabhu "Who are you?" when almost 35 devotees came forward to donate their liver (since usually only immediate family members come forward). She was amazed to know about the Hare Krishnas.

Both the devotees will have follow-up checkup after a week to monitor their progress and check if the liver is regenerating properly.

Just want to inform all devotees who sent messages for Gopinath prabhu that I read out almost all the letters to him (which I received before and after the surgery) and also forwarded phone messages. Gopinath prabhu also informed Shymasundar prabhu that devotees across the world are praying for his quick recovery and especially devotees from London and Sri Sri Radha Gopinath, Mumbai have forwarded their best wishes and prayers. He mentioned to me that Shymasundar prabhu was visibly moved to know this and almost had tears in his eyes.

Both of them have expressed their heartfelt gratitude to all the devotees for their support and prayers.

Your servant, Parijata devi dasi (wife of Gopinath Prabhu)