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Health update on Jaya Govinda prabhu

Posted October 5, 2004

Chakra's Iraq correspondent, Jaya Govinda das, now in hospital in Washington State awaiting surgery, has been provisionally labelled as suffering from "Gulf War syndrome", while awaiting a more precise diagnosis from his doctors. "There seem to be a lot of people coming home with the same symptoms," he writes, "but the Army casts them all a blind eye."

When he first arrived in Germany before being returned to the USA, he writes, his hands were so swollen "they looked like baseball gloves."

After a surgical evaluation on October 4, he expects to be honourably discharged from the Armed Forces for medical reasons. "If, for some reason, they don't discharge me, they'll let me pick a new job that doesn't require the use of my hands. I'd probably become an assistant chaplain or a journalist."