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Krishna Karina

by Caru Das

Posted November 17, 2006

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We request everyone to pray for Krishna Karina, daughter of Dhiru and Nirmala Patel. She is in the hospital after having had walking pneumonia for a couple of months. The doctor missed the diagnosis earlier and the disease went much further than it should have.

There was a surgery to remove fiber from her lung three days ago that only had a ten per cent survival rate. She pulled through, and next day there was another surgery to remove more fluid from her lung. The third day (yesterday, Wednesday), the doctors wanted to remove more, but she got a fever and lots of pain. They have to give morphine and much antibiotics. Lung is filling up again. Her situation is very dangerous.

Her father, Dhiru, used his home as the first ISKCON temple in Zambia many years ago. As a local motel owner, Dhiru has rendered many, many services to the temple, including keeping Bhagavad Gita in all the rooms.

On a trip to Mayapur, Krishna Karina was conceived. She is viewed by her parents as a gift from God. Her one brother is 15 years older than she. She is a very Krishna Conscious young lady. She always insists on coming to the temple. She always gives donation of big bottles of coins she gets from the guests at the motel.

Here is a picture of Karina dancing (right) at the Himalayan Fest June of 2005.

Each time before surgery and going under the anesthesia she will lead all the people in the room, parents, relatives and nurses, doctors to chant "Hare Krishna".

Now needed surgery is stopped because of extra pain, infection, and weakened condition.

Please pray for her and to give her parents the strength.