Chakra Announcements

Kavidatta was always blissful and enthusiastic to serve

by Manjari dasi

Posted November 4, 2004

Kavidatta prabhu's departure took place yesterday, and his farewell gathering was something quite extraordinary. I have no doubt that those who happened to be there, even for only a short time, have powerful impressions they will never forget.

I am realizing, that by the superexcellent love of our most tender hearted Srila Gurudev, we are learning to also become a true loving vaisnava family, and I felt it more deeply than ever yesterday, as we were serenading Kavi prabhu with the sound of Sri Sri Radha Krsna's holy names.

What a privilege it was to be with all the local devotees in such an intimate way. I have a newfound appreciation for this wonderful Sanga we have in the Bay Area. I really feel it is something unique in the world these days, and I pray we can develop true appreciation for all the devotees while they are here present amongst us. I saw what an important role each and every one had to offer, and have a newfound appreciation for the gentle hearted devotees.

No one can replace our dear Kavidatta prabhu, but the one who taught him how to make that "killer" nectar, his brother Balabadra prabhu, expressed to me his desire to spend more time with the Bay Area Sanga when he is able, and we all look forward to getting to know him and engaging in bhajan and Hari Katha together. He and Raktak prabhu may have lost one brother, but they always have a large extended family, especially amongst the devotees in the Bay Area, who owe a lot to Kavi prabhu for being a pillar of commitment to our gatherings from the beginning.

Kavidatta prabhu, along with Kritakarma prabhu, were both regional distributors for Srila Gurudev's and Shrila Prabhupada's books for Northern California. They took this service to heart, even though both were severely challenged with their health, they never complained and were always blissful and enthusiastic to serve Mahaprabhu's sankirtan movement. Now they have both been called to serve in some new way. We offer our sincere pranams to Kavidatta prabhu, and pray also to take Krsna consciousness as seriously to heart as he did.