Chakra Announcements

Gita Nagari SOS

by Devadeva dasi

Posted November 3, 2007

This morning Mother Lalitamrta, her body ravaged by cancer, arrived at Gita Nagari after a gruelling 10 hour car ride. She is on hospice care. Her desire is to leave her body at Gita Nagari.

Mother Lalitamrta is a disciple of HH Satsvarupa das Goswami and a long time resident of Gita Nagari. Most notably she has served as a book distributor and pujari.

As many of you may know, Gita Nagari is a struggling temple without many rescources. There are less than a handful of devotees living on the property and they are all engaged full time caring for Radha Damodara. With pleasure everyone is gearing up to care for Mother Lalitamrta, but still it is not enough.

We welcome anyone who can come and offer service for Mother Lalitamrta. Most of all, she needs company. If anyone would like to come and read to her, chant with her or just sit with her, that would be wonderful. Also, any strong, able bodied souls interested in offering personal care such as turning, feeding, etc. please do not hesitate to come.

The temple phone number is 717-527-4101, however, do not be surprised if no one answers. Please do, however, leave a message. If you would like to contact me directly, my email is and my phone number is 717-527-9973.

Ironically, my husband is in Bombay training nurses for the Vrindavan Hospice. Krishna has his plan, though. Maybe you are a part of it.