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Devotee seeks friends of Yasogami dasi

by Mahanandini dasi

Posted November 1, 2004

I understand that there is a movie about Prabhupada memories, made by a devotee in Vrndavan who was preparing to leave her body.

I was in Detroit for a number of years, and one of our god-sisters, Yasogami prabhu, is suffering from advanced cancer. She is now here in the Indianapolis area, in a hospice care facility. I would like to find this video for her, and have been told it can be found on

Also, do you have any suggestions as to the best way to alert others when a god-brother or sister is in need of association? I am sure it would be a great help for Yasogami to hear from the devotees she has served with over the years.

I appreciate any assistance.

Editors' Note: We at Chakra have no specific information regarding the movie to which Mahanandini prabhu refers, but some of our readers may have more information, which we hope they will share with others. Among devotee women who passed away this year were Sucirani dasi, Mulaprakriti dasi, Gangamayi dasi, Shyama dasi, and Aradhya dasi.

One helpful resource may be the book, The Final Journey -- Complete Hospice Care for Departing Vaisnavas, available from Torchlight Publishing or through the wonderful Vaisnavas CARE website, which also has inspirational stories of the passing of Vaisnavas and their relatives, information on seminars, counselling and workshops and even a series of ten on-line lessons on end-of-life care issues for those whose loved ones are passing away or for people who want to deepen their service to brother and sister Vaisnavas anywhere.

Those who know Yasogami dasi and wish to send her emails or to visit with her may contact her through Mahanandini prabhu at