Chakra Announcements

Neck beads?

by Cathy Angelico

Posted May 29, 2004

Hello. I was wondering if you can help me. I have no money. The computer that I am writing on is not mine. I could not afford it if it were. Please, if I give you my address can you send me some neck beads or any jewelry concerning Vishnu or Krishna? I will also accept any other type of jewelry you can send to me. Please help me out. You may not be able to e mail me back because your letter may be sent back to you as undeliverable. But you can try e mailing me. My address is Cathy Angelico, 855 S.E. Sweetbay Ave., Port Saint Lucie, Florida 34983 USA. Please try and send me something relating to Vishnu or Krishna. Thank you and God Bless.