Chakra Announcements

Eulogy for Kritakarma Prabhu

by Dhanistha dasi

Posted May 11, 2004

Dear friends of Krita Karma,

Hare Krishna, all glories to the all the Vaisnava devotees of the Lord.

All glories to our beloved Krita Karma prabhu.

I want to thank you so much for sending me the notice of the passing of my dear friend and Godbrother Krita Karma. He was my first personal and human recognitions of a softer side of love among devotees when I entered the old San Francisco temple on Valencia Street in 1973. He would bring me a huge plate full of halavah and 8 or 9 puris along with many sweets every night for two weeks after Bhagavad Gita classes to take home with me. Walking through the packed room of devotees, he would hold the plates high above his head to keep others from grabbing the maha.

Frankly, almost everyone else in the temple struck me as a little strange but Krita Karma's eyes melted my heart toward the Reality. The way he talked of Lord Jaggannatha and dressed Him one expected at any moment our beloved Jaggannatha Deity would simply come to animate Himself fully visible and walk right off the altar by Krita Karma's personal loving draw. Krita Karma's heart was large enough to embrace everyone big or small in our congregation and much much beyond. He obviously held absolutely no prejudice nor arrogance and not a drop of darkness was noticable in his demeanor. From his heart flowed only loving compassion which could be immediately felt in the gaze of his deep soft eyes of kindness and gentle concern for every living being.

I am blessed to have known Krita Karma down through the years. Through both our personal trials and tribulations which we shared in private conversations a few times and through those glorious ecstatic days in early San Francisco temple life. He held the temple together for us. He saved many a devotee. He made us laugh. His voice was comforting and his presence delightful. He changed hearts. He loved everyone. He was selfless. He was one of the truly kindest men I have ever known. He waited on the devotees young or old, men or women, with care and a special touch of nurturing I had never experienced before and only briefly glimpsed since our times together.

It cannot be underestimated the power of actual love and kindness among devotees. For those who neglected to expand their understanding and open their hearts to this great and most magnaminous spirit, my brother Krita Karma prabhu, I can only express to you my sorrow at your loss of opportunity to experience and learn and grow through one of the transcendentally sweetest of loving personalities among us to date.

Krita Karma's picture will be placed permanantly here on our altar at the feet of Lord Jaggannatha. May we all come to understand the cherished devotees are not necessarily external social or political elitists but rather the common often wounded angels walking among us who keep within and share without the simple healing powers of love. I only wish I could be there with those who are carrying out the Memorial services for my heart is breaking in separation.

yours with deep respect and much love,