Chakra Announcements

Accident in the Vienna Temple

by Hariballabha dasi and Sulabha dasi

Posted May 10, 2008

Rohini devi dasi, a Prabhupada disciple, who has performed decades of dedicated service in the German yatra, primarily doing book distribution and Deity worship, has been hospitalized with third degree burns to 30% of her body. This happened when her sari caught fire on the altar in the temple in Vienna during arati.

She has received one skin transplant and is scheduled for at least one more and is expected to remain in the hospital for at least another 6 weeks. Rohini is currently on a ventilator and not able to talk, but she communicates by writing and has let visitors know that she greatly appreciates and draws strength from hearing from devotees. The best way to contact her is to send emails to (Please add "To Rohini" in the header to make sure they are printed out and brought to her.) which can then be read to her.