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Please Pray for Mukta Kesa

by Lokavarnotamma dasa

Posted March 31, 2007

My twin brother, Mukta Kesa dasa (pictured here with Candramauli Swami), is gravely ill, and in intensive care in a Pittsburg hospital. He was misdiagnosed for weeks, and then finally collapsed due to a cyst on his spinal column in his neck. He underwent emergency surgery, suffered a collapse in his breathing, and has been on life support for a week. When trying to remove his life support, he again had respiratory failure, and now is in guarded critical condition. Mukta Kesa dasa is known and dearly loved by so many devotees, and we ask for everyone's sincere prayers for his recovery. Words of encouragement can be emailed to me, and I pray that when he regains consciousness, I can read to him the get well wishes of the assembled devotees.
Thanking you for your sincere prayers.

Hari bol
Your servant,
Lokavarnotamma dasa