Chakra Announcements

Sri Goloka Prabhu Tirobhava

by Gaura-siromani das

Posted March 28, 2004

Dear Vaisnavis and Vaisnavas,
Please accept my humble obeisances.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

[1. Goloka Prabhu serving prasadam to his spiritual master]

On Wednesday evening, March 24, the head pujari of the German Radha-Madana-mohana temple, Sriman Goloka Prabhu, has left his body in a car accident, to proceed to an auspicious new life in the service of the lotus feet of Sri Sri Radha and Krsna.

Goloka Prabhu was a disciple of His Holiness Bhakti-bhusana Maharaja. For many years he tirelessly served Sri Sri Radha-Madana-mohana in an exemplary way, together with his dedicated wife Srimati Manjulali Dasi, a disciple of His Holiness Sacinandana Maharaja.

Sri Sri Radha-Madana-mohana are the principal Radha-Krsna Deities for Germany, Switzerland and Austria; also many other devotees from the neighboring countries regularly visit Them, attracted by Their incomparable beauty and sweetness. This supreme attraction of Their Lordships has been mainly the merit of Goloka and Manjulali Prabhus' selfless and dedicated service - they actually called Them to manifest Their full sweetness by their loving care and devotion. Goloka Prabhu would incessantly act and meditate with the only aim to please Sri Sri Radha-Madana-mohana and to improve the puja and the standard of Their worship. Anyone who sees pictures ot these deities from now and from ten years ago is amazed to observe how They have manifested a sweet and lovely effulgence - it is actuelly hard to believe that They are the same Deities!

He was an example for steadiness and punctuality. His standard service schedule covered 10 hours daily, without fail or complain. Indeed, he often worked 14 hours or even more if necessary, and never ever any devotee heard him complain about exess of service. Rather, he would always be friendly and balanced, expressing his eagerness to serve more and do whatever would be needed to satisfy Their Lordships. Even on cost of his health and bodily comfort. In spite of severe pain and stiffness in his legs, he would rise up at 2 a.m., chant his rounds and then start his long service day. At the same time, he was always there for the devotees, friendly, unpolitical, a loving distributor of Sri Sri Radha-Madana-mohana's Maha-prasada, an example and inspiration for all devotees that were living with him. We are deeply aggrieved by his loss.

[2. Goloka Prabhu reading from the Caitanya-caritamrta]

On his way back to the temple, he was driving in a slight left-bend curve in his small car, when suddenly a Merceds car appeared before him, trying to pass over four cars at this blind curve. Goloka Prabhu had no chance to dodge the blow or to survive. As he tried so, his car got into a skid and turned itself to the right, so that the Mercedes car hit him with full impact from the left side. The car was completely smashed - up to the middle part not one piece of metal remained whole. He was immediately dead. And he had time to react, he could face his death openly, and he was able to chant at his last breath. Plus, he died in a holy dhama. It is said in the scriptures that a place where 12 Salagrama-silas are worshipped daily is purified in a radius of 50 kilometers. Goloka Prabhu died about 10 km away from Goloka-dhama, our temple, and here he worshipped our 18 Salagrama-silas on the altar with utmost care and devotion, offering Them abhiseka and a fire yajna every morning. And on his last journey in his service, he listened to a lecture of Srila Prabhupada, as he always would do while driving.

I am serving in Goloka-dhama as a member of the temple board. Being a close friend of Goloka Prabhu and sharing the responsibility for this place with him, his wife Manjulali Dasi allowed me to go to the dead body together with our Indian brahmana priest Kunjabihari Prabhu to perform the last rites for him. I feel very blessed by this last service for my friend. Indeed, as soon as I looked at his face, all my grieve and lamentation almost vanquished. He looked so peaceful, relaxed and extremely satisfied! At that moment the sincere hope and confidence arose in me that Krsna personally has taken him to His lotus feet.

Also when we visited the place where the accident happened, it became very clear for us that this was a conscious and planned arrangement by the Lord. As the policeman expressed, "Well once in his life, this man was at the wrong place in the wrong second, and that's it!" Yes, he happened to appear on this spot exactly at the very moment when a car passed over in a curve where actually no sane person would do so, since before and after this curve, the road goes straight on and offers a clear overview. Krsna used this unfortunate person as an instrument to end the material life of His dear devotee. Why? How can we try to ponder about the inconcievable plan of the Lord? It was His desire and we have to accept it, with a heart broken of grieve and elated by the glorious event simultaneously.

In spite of the completely smashed and torn car, his body was almost without any external injury. It was the body of a pure Vaisnava; no open wound, dirt or excrement disfigured it, as would be expected normally by such an accident. Also, his kanthi-mala and his brahmana thread remained intact.

[3. Goloka Prabhu performing daily abhisekha for the 18 Salagrama-silas of Goloka-dhama]

We bathed the body with waters from all holy rivers. Then we dressed him in a new silk dhoti and cadar that he has just received from a friend coming from Mayapur. We applied tilak on all places together with the required mantras, and Kunjabihari recited the Garuda Purana. Then he performed a Vaisnava homa, whereby he installed a small copper yantra of Sri Sudarsana Cakra. Decorating him with his beadbag (which was miraculously found by one helper in the dark field outside of the car and placed to his body, clearly recognizing it as a sacred item), the Sudarsana yantra, flowers offered to Sri Sri Radha-Madana-mohana, and other items, we put some holy water, morsels of Maha-prasada and a Tulasi leaf in his mouth. Then we circamulated him seven times, praying for his safe journey back to Krsna, and also for forgiveness of our offences against him. Then we bowed down chanting vancha-kalpa prayers and finally we put him into the coffin that will bring him to the crematory in the state as we left him. Following his personal desire, his mother, Nityananda-priya Dasi, who is also a very dedicated and sweet Vaisnavi, a disciple of His Holiness Sacinandana Maharaja, and his wife Manjulali Dasi will bring the ashes to Mayapur and pour it into the Ganga, offering him the last rites there.

Today all the devotees from Goloka-dhama and from other temples will visit Goloka Prabhu to offer him a last honor and to bring some spiritual gifts. Goloka Prabhu leaves behind him a mother, two brothers, and a spotlessly chaste and loving wife. He had no children, but all of us feel like his sons and daughters. Indeed, his leaving is plunging us not only in deep grieve, but also in a great sorrow, asking ourselves who should replace this dedicated head pujari in his unparalleled service. Of course, we should have tha faith that if Krsna takes away the devotee who maintained Him in His arca-vigraha, He will take personal care for proper replacement. Still, we are now in a precarious situation, in need of pujaris who would volunteer at least for some time to continue Sri Sri Radha-Madana-mohana's worship and assist Manjulali Dasi, who now will take the responsibility on her shoulders. If any of the readers hears the call of Sri Sri Radha-Madana-Mohana in his or her heart to come and serve Them, please don't hesitate to write me. My email address is

On this Sunday we will celebrate the tirobhava-mahotsava in honor of Sriman Goloka Prabhu, thus observing the required four-days period of taking leave of him. If you want to participate and cannot come personally to Goloka-dhama, please write me and I will send you a picture of Goloka Prabhu that you can worship at your own place accordingly.

With aggrieved and pitiful heart, and with great confidence in His causeless mercy, we pray to Bhagavan Sri Krsna that He may accept this wonderful Vaisnava at His lotus feet and allow him to return to his nitya-seva of the Divine Couple in Goloka Vrndavana.

Sriman Goloka Prabhu Tirobhava Ki Jaya!!!
Your servant, Gaura-siromani Dasa