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Tribute to Sridhar Swami

by Subhadra-mayi dasi

Posted March 20, 2004

Sridhar Maharaja, you were a person who has meant a lot to me, from the moment I first met you. You were a real devotee, practical, down to earth, objective... So normal, which is a rare thing nowadays. I really cared about you so I never left a chance pass to ask you: 'anything I can do for you?' Sometimes there was something, other times there wasn't. But it always felt so nice to me that you knew you could count on me when you needed some help. Because of the kind of person you were I did it with so much pleasure. You never had this trip of 'I'm a senior devotee, so are so fortunate you can serve me...' You were just such a humble devotee, and always reciprocated. You will forever be someone I look up to as one of the few role models I have in my life. You will always be that. I really strive to become so unassuming, grateful, and gentle in my dealings with others, as you always exhibited.

You also showed me the need for humor in life. I cannot think of one instance when I met you I didn't scratch my head. I got quickly used to you though. You were just a happy person. Maharaja, I will really miss you. I'll never be able to ask again if there's anything I can do for you. But I do know what I can do. Not some practical thing anymore to assist you with, or help you. But another thing, really for YOU. That is, as I said before, to become a person like you. You left a legacy, I want to take it up and run with it and that's my final gift to you.

Your little niece,
Subhadra-mayi dasi.