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Vancouver holds memorial service for departed Sridhar Maharaja

by Jaya Govinda das
ISKCON Vancouver

Posted March 17, 2004

Vancouver, Canada, was the place of H.H. Sridhar Swami's physical and spiritual births.

On March 14, for our Sunday feast program, we held a memorial service in his honor. Sridhar Swami's mother, his sister, her daughter & husband were also in attendance. They all appreciated very much the service, which demonstratred the love and appreciation that not only the devotees here in Vancouver have towards Sridhar Swami, but also so many devotees throughout the world as well.

The previous Saturday evening, just a few hours after Maharaja passed away, we utilized an already previously scheduled devotee home program to have kirtan in his honor. The Sunday morning Srimad-Bhagavatam class was also related to this grave event by having the class on the Passing of Haridas Thakur in the Antya-lila of the Caitanya-Caritamrta.

At the Sunday evening memorial service, apart from reading excerpts from many posted emails, we also spoke about different aspects of Sridhar Swami's life, his dedication, his character, etc.

Different godbrothers and godsisters, as well as other devotees, also took the opportunity to express their own appreciations and realizations regarding Sridhar Swami. These eulogies were then followed by prayers, kirtan and a prasadam feast.

By the mercy of Guru and Gauranga it was an excellent program appreciated by every one present -- even though it was related to such a sad occasion, knowing that the world will no longer have the wonderful association of such a rare and exalted Vaishnava.