Chakra Announcements


by Kishore Krsna das

Posted March 11, 2004

Just to inform my friends and well wishers that I am not the Kishore Krsna das who is affiliated with Srila Narayan Maharaj in Vrindavan. I have friends in New Vrindavan, Philadephila, Alachua, USA where I live currently, and India and I hope the article by another Kishore Krsna Das, a desciple of Srila Narayan Maharaj from India on VNN will not confuse you all in anyway about my idendity and loyalty to ISKCON. Even though I respect all vaishnavas from all different groups I am absolutly loyal to ISKCON and Srila Prabhupada. I have no desire to work for any other group at this point of my life or in the future. For any confusion about me please direct your inquiries directly to me at

Vaishnav Das anudas
Kishore Krsna Das