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In Memory of Tapan Misra Prabhu, devotee, psychic and great mechanic.

by Dravinaksa Das

Posted March 2, 2004

Jaya Rama Das: "Whether he was putting together Lord Jagannatha's altar in Miami or fixing your car, he never gave up. He had a 'can do 'attitude that he passed on to others."

Monica: "Tapan Misra brought me to Krsna consciousness. Even when my mind was going in the other direction he encouraged me to chant and stay on the path. He helped me immensely in my spiritual life and I am deeply indebted to him."

Madan Mohan Das: "Last year he blacked out and was hospitalized. We thought he might have died, but he called me two days later to bring him home. In the car I told him, 'When we thought you were dead, everyone started eulogizing you. But we stopped when we discovered you were alive!' He had a good laugh at this."

Connie: "When he came to work for me at Universal Studios he said, 'I will make your business successful.' He did just that! It became very successful. He had vision. He would give psychic readings that would knock people off their chairs. He became my best friend and a spiritual guide for all of us at Universal.

Sukada Dasi: "Tapan called me up one day, 'Can I come over and speak with you?' 'Of course, come on over.' I said. He began telling Puskar and I about a psychic reading he attended. One person was giving him a reading and there was a closed box containing paper and pencils in the room. The reader said' 'I see a crowd of people here. They are all wearing orange robes. There is one, the leader, he is a very, very high person. He is so elevated spiritually I cannot describe it.' Tapan was surprised. After the reading they opened the box and pulled out the paper. There was a man drawn on the paper. "Do you know him?' inquired the reader. It was Srila Prabhupada! On the back of the paper were signatures of the 'visitors'. The name of my 1st husband, who had previously passed away in 1984, was on that paper."

Dravinaksa Das: "Tapan and I went to a big coach company to look at buses. We spent the whole day learning from the salesmen and mechanics about modern busses. Tapan wanted to revive the Radha Damodar party and book distribution in America. At his funeral, I felt Tapan was teaching me through the speakers to try and reach out to everyone and give them Krsna. I'm going to give out a case of Bhagavad Gitas in his name. If anyone wants to assist just send me an e-mail at

At New Raman Reti in Alachua on Sunday, February 8, a feast was held in Tapan Misra Prabhu's memory.