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Kirtanananda Swami Has Cancer

by Patita Pavana das

Posted June 22, 2008

Dear fellow members of ISKCON, Please accept my humble obeisances as I roll in the dust of your collective lotus feet. I do hope that all of you have read Prabhu Dina Bandhu's invitation to visit Vrinda Kund in Vrindavana

We have just received a letter that Kirtananada Swami has lung cancer and will begin chemotherapy.

Whenever we hear the name "Kirtanananda" there are multifarious caveats dealing with his involvement with all the allegations made in Hubner's "classic expose" Monley On A Stick about the New Vrindavana legal (and illegal!) cases, ...and caveats aplenty are seen even the letter requesting prayers for K just received. K Swami is a hot potato, but a Vaishnava sent me a letter and it deserves a Vaishnava response for which I am happy to oblige.

For some strange reason, Prabhupada loved K with all his heart, and he was always very affectionate to his "Kitchenananada". Personally, I always liked K. and appreciate all that he has done for my own advancement in Krishna consciousness. Like the time he scooped me out of the Ohio hospital when my back was broken in two places in a sankirtan van wreck. (Anyone out there in Internet land ever hears about "sankirtan vans"!)

Hence I will choose to agree with the letter requesting happy thoughts on behalf of K Swami, despite the litany of sins he is accused of. I beg the Lord of the Universe Jgadishwara Shri Krishna to relieve me of my usual tendency to find fault so repugnant to true Vaishnavas.

So herewith I offer my prayers to Shri Krishna the Supreme Personality of Godhead, for the final salvation of Kirtananda, a man whose legacy few would be proud to have (for fear of the paperwork join their portfolio held by Yamaraja).

My prayers (and I am sure those of my dearly beloved wife who is always miraculously 99% in synch with my own thoughts) are:

... that Kirtanananda Prabhuji goes back to Godhead, to the eternal Vrindavana, oldest of the old, not the New version in WVa. I hope that my prayers for K Swami are registered in Vaikuntha even as I write, though I may be overestimating my own power of talking to Transcendence Personified.

Life here is fragile and this Universe is but an eggshell. But Shrila Prabhupada gave us the means to transcend the malicious activities of this life though our sins are innumerable, and our acts of devotion are miniscule. For that we must pray to the tune of the holy name

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

For the ultimate elevation in bhakti, in the mood if the individual atma surrendering himself in bhakti before the feet of the Supreme Personality of Godhead Shri Radha Krishna, Whom we know to be God by the grace of Guru and Gauranga