Chakra Announcements

The passing of baby Sachi

by Visnu das and Visnusakti dasi

Posted June 12, 2005

We recently lost Sachi. Our Supreme Lord has taken her back only ten months after having taking birth at the home of our daughter Radha Priya and her husband Rupa. Radha Priya gave birth to her second child after her older boy, Nitai, now two years old, without any complications throughout her pregnancy and delivery. They named her Sachi, honoring the saintly personality, the mother of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

Throughout her short stay with us, Sachi was a very happy and apparently healthy child. She would always captivate and attract admirers with her charming smile and graceful looks and was always willing to reciprocate with most anyone that came close to her. We personally experienced that when she looked at us, she did it in a very special, loving way. Her stare was very unique. There was a great soul within that small body.

Our daughter Radha Priya was born during the time we lived in the New Dvarka community. Although young, Radha Priya has been a very exemplary daughter, wife and mother. We feel blessed for having her. Since her marriage to Rupa she has dedicated cent per cent of her time for caring for her family. She was Sachi's constant companion and caretaker throughout her short life.

At ten months, Sachi was diagnosed with terminal cancer in her intestines, the kind of cancer that spreads at a very fast pace. There was a very small chance of survival, especially at such an early age. The tumor was removed and our beloved Sachi passed away five days later.

We will never know why our Supreme Lord Sri Krishna acts the way He does. It is very difficult to accept His Supreme will when the pain is so real. It is very agonizing and heartbreaking when one loses a dear one, especially a very young child. The pain of losing our granddaughter and seeing our daughter in such state of suffering does not come close to the pain she feels herself for Sachi.

However, our good fortune has no limits. There is light at the end of the tunnel, that tunnel becomes very short and the light is bigger and brighter. We are blessed, although undeserving, to be part of Srila Prabhupada's family. Not only the knowledge imparted by His Divine Grace allows one to understand and accept whatever happens as the will of the Supreme Lord, Sri Krishna, but also the kind, honest words of comfort from the vaisnava community, the "being there when I need you", the flowers, cards, prasadam, donations, are nothing but the greatest blessings any human being would need at a time like this.

Sachi's final days at the hospital were surrounded by several devotees and well-wishers who came to visit, lots of chanting of the Holy Names and the beautiful bhajans sang by Srila Prabhupada. This went on and increased as the time of her passing came about, while several doctors and nurses were struggling to keep her alive, to no avail. Sachi was determined to go, and our dear Supreme Lord Sri Krishna was claiming her back. There were eight of us by her side begging for the mercy of the Supreme to make her transition most auspicious.

At the funeral there were about eighty devotees and well-wishers. Their holy presence brought auspiciousness. There was the chanting of the appropriate mantras for the occasion. Sachi's body was decorated with tilaka, Tulasi leaves, water from sacred places and rivers and maha-flower garlands. Up till the cremation, and after, there were beautiful bhajans and the constant chanting of the Holy Names of the Lord.

We would like to humbly thank all of those great vaisnavas and well-wishers for all the kindness offered to us, especially to our daughter in this devastating moment of our lives.

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