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The Passing of a Humble Devotee

by Nanda Kumar das

Posted June 2, 2007

I just learned of the passing of a dear friend and humble Vaishnava, Visvamitra das, and want to share some of his glories with all of you.

We first met in New Vrindavan in 1990, just as I was preparing to move from there. Both being avid gardeners and caretakers of Mother Bhumi, we bonded immediately and talked about working on a project together sometime in the future.

We met again two years ago, when I went to the Big Island of Hawaii to look at working with him on a garden project at the Hamakua Ecology Center, a beautiful retreat center being developed by our old friend Ram Das.

Visvamitra lived a humble and simple brahmacari lifestyle in a yurt on the land. He was developing a wonderful organic garden that fed the devotees and guests, as well the local community. He would take the extras to the local Farmer's Market and not only sell produce, but make friends and give people a taste of what it's like to be a devotee.

Everybody loved him. A preacher by example.

Due to various zoning challenges, the community was forced to close temporarily, so Vishvamitra relocated to Maui, where he worked on several estates, serving the land and growing organic fruits, flowers and vegetables.

He was also a great cook with a servant's heart, so wherever he went, he was able to introduce people to Krishna and prasadam in a loving and very natural way.

He had the great gift of being a friend to all, no matter what their belief system or lifestyle.

He moved to Kauai a year ago, and was doing his magic there, on an awesome property that had a powerful and very interesting destiny.

On the Most Sacred Day of Lord Caitanya's Apprearance, at the Most Sacred Time of the Brahma Muhurta, an old dam at the lower end of a large reservoir above his cabin broke.

Flood waters poured down through the property and washed everything out to sea. Seven souls were blessed to leave their bodies at that most auspicious time. His body was never found.

He seemed to have a premonition of something, because he came here a week before and went to see all his friends. He even mentioned to a Godsister that when his time finally did come, he wanted it to be quick.

Visvamitra was always an inspiration for me and everyone who knew him, and he still is.

He is a great example of a humble Vaisnava, full of gratitude, free of any negativity and always with a joyful service attitude to all.

I love you brother, and look forward to growing a garden with you in Vaikuntha.

Nanda Kumar das
Maui, Hawaii

ps... I'm open for communications with anyone interested in developing organic gardens, orchards and vineyards... Srila Prabhupad gave me personal instructions about how very important it is to do that.