Chakra Announcements

Clarification of "kidnapping"

by Tamohara das

Posted July 25, 2005

Hare Krishna!

I would like to make a clarification to the story telling how my wife and I had our truck, camper, and possessions stolen at Montreal. This was certainly a loss of facility for our service, but much of it will be replaceable in time. I greatly appreciate the sincere desire of the devotees to help us replace our losses, but there are so many worthy devotees and projects, that I would not want to divert resources from other needs. Therefore, I would request that devotees do NOT send anything to us personally.

However, If anyone is inclined, I could use help in replacing materials needed by the Child Protection Office (computer,videos, printed materials). Any donations to the ISKCON Child Protection Office (or Association for the Protection of Children) would be greatly appreciated, and are, of course, tax-deductible. These could be sent to the same address: APC, P.O. Box 1438, Alachua, FL, 32616.

I am again appreciative of the support and encouragements from all the Vaisnavas. By the mercy of Srila Prabhupada, Lord Caitanya and Nitvananada and the protection of Lord Nrsmhadeva, we will continue with renewed faith and dedication.

Tamohara das