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In Memoriam

by Sat-sanga das

Posted July 7, 2003

Last month marked the lost of the Vaisnava community of several devotees.

Nistula Dasa (ACBSP)
Manoram Murari Das (JPS)

Up coming in the month of July the following remembrances for the devotees who have left their bodies.

Rupa Manohara Dasa - July 2
Bhakta Will - July 10
Jananivasa Dasa - July 10
Vamana Dev Dasa - July 18
Madhava Kripa Dasa - July 20
Yasoda Dulala Dasa - July 29

Please take a moment to visit them and reflect on their lives in service to Guru and Gauranga.

If you would like to add a memorial or just reveal upon a pastime of a Godbrother or Godsister who is no longer with us in physical, from please visit the In Memoriam website and share with Vaisnavas throughout the world your remembrances.

Your servant,
Sat-Sanga Das

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