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Update on Jahnavi's condition

by Indupati das

Posted July 5, 2004

Respected Vaisnavas and Vaisnavis,

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers for Jahnavi.

On Friday, July 2, Jahnavi went into surgery to have her abdomen closed up. The procedure went well according to the surgeon. She is still in stable condition in intensive care. She is continuing the sepsis treatment with a drug called Xigris. She is still on the breathing machine, although now she has now had a tracheostomy.

For some time after the surgery Jahnavi remained fully sedated and on a paralysing drug (to allow the ventilator to do its job). But now she has been taken off the sedative and paralytic and is being allowed to gradually wake up in order for the doctors to assess her neurologically. They will then apply sedative and painkiller to the required degree. She is still heavily dependent on the breathing machine.

Today she was opening her eyes a bit and moving her legs.

Vaisnava dasanudas
Indupati das