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The Passing of Sahadeva Sakha Dasa

by Rhonda Benoit

Posted July 1, 2006

Just a few words in regard to Sahadeva Sakha dasa (Steve Podlewski) who recently (June 15) left his body.

I was fortunate to have met Steve almost two years ago. We grew quite close. I saw him throughout his radiation and chemo treatments. I drove him to the hospital back in January and was there with him when he was told that he had cancer. We walked out of the hospital, both stunned and holding hands, both lost in our own thoughts about what was going to happen next. Even though he had just been dealt a blow, his face lit up as we were leaving the hospital as we walked behind someone holding a baby. Steve loved little babies! To me that said so much. Even though faced with the news of having cancer, Steve could still see the beauty and sweetness in this life. He was the most unselfish person I have ever known. One day during the holiday season, he drove around the neighborhood looking for the mailman so he could hand deliver a pie to him. Steve was a complex man, but his love for Krsna was pure and real.

Thank you Lord Krsna for giving me the brief time of having one of your dearest and devoted servants a part of my life.