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The truth about Sri Rama

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Posted January 29, 2005

I was a student at the Lake Huntington gurukula when Sri Rama was the headmaster at the time. From what I remember, he was a mean man. He used to smack kids around all the time, including myself. If he wasn't doing the hitting, he was present when Anila and others were hitting and abusing kids. As a matter of fact, every time I was brought to Sri Rama I was smacked. I never felt any kindness from him the entire time I was there. In my opinion, Lake Huntington was a place where a lot of abuse happened specifically because of people like Sri Rama where brutality and harsh punishment was part of the culture. I never felt any other feeling for him but fear.

Sorry to burst anyone's bubble about what a pure devotee Sri Rama might have been in your opinions, but if any of you had lived in Lake Huntington and experienced what it was like to have brutal teachers, horrible food or no food at times, then you might have a different opinion about him. It's really ironic how people who never experienced living under him claim to know so much about his great term in Lake Huntington. After all, the great crew he had as teachers are well-known molesters and child abusers. He's definitely one of the people I hold accountable for much of the abuse that happened in Lake Huntington.

It comes as a shock to me that Sri Rama claims he was in shock about finding out about the abuse. He was the ring leader and the head master, and was fully aware and participated in the abuse that took place. The fact is there is a lawsuit, and this abuse did happen. Many devotees are still in the dark about what actually happened to gurukulis and who is responsible for the abuse. I know everyone would love to sweep our abuse under the carpet and blur the truth, but I'm trying to make sure the truth is known. I think it's time the leaders step up and admit to their mistakes instead of praising each other and patting each other on the back, regardless of the suffering they caused to women and children.

Posted anonymously by an ex-gurukuli